ViewPoint: Keep kids' cell phones clean

May 23, 2007

We buy our children cell phones to keep them safe. They can call us in an emergency and we can keep up with where they are.

But now,  because of the fast-evolving industry, those cell-phones can be used to watch pornography.

If your child has a cell phone that is Internet accessible, and many of them are, he or she has a direct link to triple-x porn.

It's a shame that the greedy porn industry has now targeted mobile devices to peddle their smut, knowing that so many users are underaged kids. But morality is not their strong suit, so it's up to us to keep our kids safe.

How? For starters, you can avoid buying your kids cell phones that have Internet access.  If they want to download songs onto their phones, they can do it from a home computer over which you have more control.

Secondly, contact your cell phone service provider and demand that they provide filters to help keep porn off your child's cell phone. Cingular already offers Internet filters that parents can control with a password.

And perhaps most importantly, be smart. Keep up with technology. Know what's available to your child on the world wide web and on mobile devices, and know how to control it.

Let's face it, you, as parents, are the only buffer between your children and the entire range of human behavior, available on the Internet.

Let's make sure the cell phones we give our kids for safety don't end up hurting them.