ViewPoint: Banish repeat crooks

May 16, 2007

Our editorial board met with Albany's Mayor Adams this Monday, and he had with him a stack of papers, listing a large number of what you could call, career criminals with multiple drug convictions

The Mayor wants city leaders to consider a drastic measure to reduce crime.

He says the recent murder of Search and Rescue worker Jack Camp is the motivation for this idea to kick repeat drug offenders out of town.

Police charged 19-year old Dontavious Wilson and 29-year old Darrell Anderson with the murder of 43-year-old JackCamp.

He was gunned down at Regency Club Apartments March 13th where he worked as a courtesy officer.

The Mayor told commissioners that the murder suspects were involved in drug activity. 

The Mayor wants anyone convicted of more than three drug-related offenses permanently banished from the city of Albany. "What we found with talking with the drug unit is that a lot of these people are repeated offenders who are arrested and then turned back loose on our streets so we need to make sure that they feel that they're not really welcome to keep bringing drugs back and forth into our community," said Mayor Adams.

We completely agree with Mayor Adams in asking our judges banish these repeat criminals from Dougherty County.