1. How can I get a scooter or power wheelchair?
    There are several steps in the process of acquiring powered mobility.  The first step is to discuss with your doctor and have him/her write you a prescription.  Then, call your provider of choice.
  2. Where can I get service or batteries for my scooter or power wheelchair?
    Acute Rehab is an authorized battery dealer, and we offer installation and service.  Most cases are covered by insurance.
  3. Will my insurance pay for home oxygen, wheelchairs, or hospital beds.
    Most insurance plans cover these items.  Acute Rehab will assist with insurance verification and pre-certification for your specific equipment needs.
  4. Do you sell wheelchair lifts, carriers, and ramps?
    Acute Rehab not only sells these items, we can service any current equipment you may have.
  5. Do you have equipment to loan while mine is being repaired or replaced?
    We have general loaner equipment for the inconvenient time that your mobility device is being repaired or replaced.  Most insurance covers the cost of loaner equipment, as well.
  6. Can you service the equipment I already have?
    Service is one of the major areas in which Acute Rehab takes pride.  We can service any equipment that you have currently - whether it came from us or not.
  7. Do you provide CPAP sleep aid equipment and supplies?
    We offer a wide range of respiratory equipment including home oxygen, CPAP, and nebulizers.  As well, we have CPAP masks and supplies for all respiratory equipment.
  8. Will I have a Co-payment for my equipment?
    That depends on your insurance plan.  Our billing staff will be glad to verify your insurance coverage and notify you of any out-of-pocket expenses prior to delivery, upon your request.
  9. What is your service area?
    We service all of South Georgia and North Florida for custom wheelchairs.  Our service area for home oxygen, hospital beds, and so forth is a 60 mile radius from any of our three locations.
  10. Are you trained and certified to provide custom seating and mobility for adults and youths?
    Acute Rehab is the #1 custom rehab provider in South Georgia.  Acute Rehab was established 8 years ago with custom seating and mobility being the only equipment we provided.  Over the years, we have diversified with growth, but still remain highly focused on our special-needs client.  We are an off-site vendor for all Children's Medical Services, a lending closet for MDA, and we work with most Early Intervention Programs for infants with special needs.  Acute Rehab has an ATE certified staff, as well as an ATP on staff.