WALB's Most Wanted: William David Simpson

Simpson with no beard, before capture
Simpson with no beard, before capture

There are 249 registered sex offenders in Dougherty County and, some of them are unaccounted for. Here's one of them, 54-year old William David Simpson.

Simpson was convicted of raping an older family back in 1977 when he was 24-years-old.

He served time in prison, then registered as a sex offender in 1999.

Under Georgia law, sex offenders are required to check in once a year, but Dougherty County deputies haven't heard from him in over a year and now they have two warrants out on him.

His last known address was on Canterbury Court in Albany, as of  November.

Now, the top photo is their most recent. It's from 2004.

The bottom one is an older photo from 2003 and shows what he looks like without the beard and with glasses. He's 6'1" and weighs 202 pounds and if you've seen him, call the Dougherty County Sheriff.