ViewPoint: Lee Commission goofed

May 3, 2007

Lee County Commissioners have made a $300,000 mistake, with your money, and surprise surprise-- they don't want to talk about it.

Commissioner Jo Ealum laughed it off in our interview, saying "We're not going there."

Oh yes, we're going there, and Miss Elum, there is nothing funny about this. We need serious answers to important questions.

Camvera was the company to provide the wireless Internet service for Lee County. Even when the company refused to furnish their financial report, a sure sign of something wrong, all but commissioner Mathis voted to move ahead with this mistake.

He indicated that this deal was dead from the start, and he voted against it.

Lee County Commissioners don't want to answer our questions, which are really your questions, about this huge error in judgement. Call them and hold them accountable on this.

Commissioner Morris Leverette did have one troubling explanation, about it being before they knew they were in such financial trouble; in such a bind.

Is he serious? So if you have plenty of money, you can afford to make stupid mistakes with taxpayer's money?

With the positive buzz about Lee County in the state and the Southeast, you can afford to be selective, be smart, and slow to take unnecessary risks.

Frankly, Lee County deserves much better leadership. You should look  to replace the commissioners who voted for this costly & wasteful project.