WALB's Most Wanted: Gerard Clark

May 2, 2007 --  A wannabe gangster who's running around shooting at people. This is 15 year old Gerard Clark. He's from Albany, but Pelham Police are looking for him.

They say he's the one who burst into a Pelham Grocery Store Saturday morning and started shooting. Two shots were fired, luckily he missed his target, the store owner.

Police think he was taking part in gang initiation and was ordered to kill someone to get into the gang.

He wasn't trying to rob the store owner, he went into the store three times before he got the courage to pull out the 9 millimeter pistol he stole from his step-dad and pull the trigger. Thank goodness the store owner tripped and fell and the bullets missed him.

Gerard Clark's last known address was Jeffries Avenue in Albany. And he goes by two nicknames, "Rod" and "J-Rock."

Police say he had a buddy with him, 16-year-old James Brookins, Jr., nicknamed "Nuke" also from Albany. He has either dreadlocks or corn rows.

If you know where these two dangerous teenagers are, please call Pelham Police.

Gerard Clark becomes the youngest fugitive on WALB's Most Wanted.