WALB's Most Wanted: Shurrod Rich

May 1, 2007

Tifton  --  This is 18-year-old year old Shurrod Rich. He was one of three teenagers charged in a deadly home invasion in Tifton.

Sixty-six-year old Lorrine Bozeman was shot and killed inside her home. Police say her 15-year old great-nephew, Layton Lester, knew she had a lot of cash so he went there to rob her and took two friends with him.

Moments after they burst into Bozeman's house, she was shot dead. Police tell us the three teens took off with more than one thousand dollars.

The good news, Layton Lester was soon caught and charged with murder. One accomplice, 17-year old Rodney King, was picked up and charged with theft by receiving stolen property because they found some of the cash on him.

Shurrod Rich, who's also charged with murder, was caught in Fitzgerald.

Notice he's already wearing a jail uniform in this picture, that's because he was just arrested in September for breaking into houses and cars.