WALB's Most Wanted: Angie Allen

Thirty year old Angie Allen has a history of drug use, police say. There are 19 forgery warrants and a theft warrant out for her arrest.

We're told by Dougherty County Police that she stole from her terminally ill friend in November. While her friend was in the hospital, she stole the woman's furniture and hocked it, then stole her check book and has written bad checks on her for months.

There are 20 outstanding warrants on this woman and we need you to help police catch her.

Angie Allen is white, she stands 5'5", weighs 130 pounds and previously worked as a waitress in Albany. Her last known address was on Sandalwood Circle in East Albany where she lived with her grandmother. But she likely doesn't live there anymore; investigators tell us she stole from her grandmother, too.

If you recognize Angie Allen or have any information about her, please call Dougherty County Police. Your phone call could be the one that leads to her arrest!