South Georgia College President Installed

April 26, 2007

Douglas - - It's a special day for the President of South Georgia College. Presidents from colleges and universities across the state gathered at the college in Douglas to celebrate the inauguration of its new leader, Dr. Torri Lilly. 

South Georgia College is a small school with a little over 1400 students. New President Dr. Torri Lilly has plans to change that.

"We have enough capacity here for 3000 students at least."

She's been on the job nine months. Thursday, the college held a special inauguration for its leader.

"This President is very special to me. She was in fact my first hire. If every decision I make works this well, I'd be famous before you know it," says Errol Davis, Jr., the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia.

He was on hand along with state representatives, members of the board of regents, and presidents of other Georgia colleges and universities.

Corrie Hand is a second year student here who says Dr. Lilly has already done a lot in the short time she's been here.

"The faculty seems to be getting so much better, we've got more computers and things, we've got Plant Their Feet Program, kids come out from WestGate Elementary learning about college and actually wanting to go to school. We've never seen that."

And with all of the enthusiasm, Tilly is just trying to live up to the expectations and meet her goal of attracting non-traditional students and offering more classes on line.

"It's a lot of pressure on me," she says with a laugh.

But if the students have a say so, she's quite capable of the task. 

"I have a little brother coming after me, I have a lot of friends that are younger than me that will be coming out here and I feel really good about them coming to an institution that will run as well as it will under her," Hand says.

Lilly believes the best is yet to come.

Torri Lilly has held jobs at Central Florida Community College and Florida Community College before coming to South Georgia College. This is her first role as President.