ViewPoint: Most Wanted!

April 19, 2007

We at WALB recognize the importance of keeping our streets safe. That's why we're launching a new crime fighting program called WALB's Most Wanted.

Starting Monday, we will regularly feature mug shots of South Georgia's most wanted criminals.  You'll get an up close look at their faces and hear why they're running from the law.  And you, our viewers, will play a big role in apprehending them.

Dozens of law enforcement officers, Sheriffs and Police Chiefs have pledged their support for this program, as was evidenced at a kickoff event earlier this week.

These law enforcers, from 31 South Georgia counties, will provide WALB with the mug shots and background information on criminals on our streets.

We commend these law enforcement leaders for their commitment and we ask you to work with us to put away the bad guys.

WALB's Most Wanted debuts Monday, April 23rd on First News at Five. We hope you'll watch because you could be the one who busts a bad guy.