ViewPoint: Growth means more traffic

April 13, 2007

Rarely a week goes by without hearing news of more development in Northwest Albany. And it's certainly welcomed news!

However, all this growth means more traffic in an already dangerous part of town.

The intersection at Westover Road and Nottingham Way is consistently on the Top Ten Most Dangerous list. Nearly 40,000 cars each day pass through there. 

Thursday, as our news crew shot an interview at that intersection, a crash happened right in front of our camera.

A driver with apparently no regard for traffic laws, zoomed through a light, well after it turned red,  and hit another car. Seven people were injured, four of them children. 

While traffic engineers continue to look for ways to make dangerous intersections safer, ultimately it's up to you - the driver - to pay attention to the road, follow the rules, and when a traffic light turns yellow, don't speed up. Prepare to stop.

While no one was killed in that wreck we caught on tape, they certainly could've been. Next time, it could be you, your child, or your parent who's hit by a hurried, careless driver.

With more cars on the road and more distractions, like cell phones, I-pods, and fast food, it's essential that drivers re-focus on the task at hand. We all must pay more attention to our driving and help make the roads safer for us all.