ViewPoint: General Assembly for 2007

April 10, 2007

There's an old saying:  "Watch your wallet, the Legislature is in session."   Some of the proposals coming out of that den of politicians can be scary.  Sometimes when nothing happens in the Georgia General Assembly, we should be happy.

"Let's do Nothing"  seems to be the thought process of our elected state representatives and senators. 

It seems that little meaningful legislation will come out of Atlanta before the 2007 session ends.  The hot issues must be just too hot for those elected to make decisions. 

And the sale of Alcohol on Sunday remains a "don't touch" issue.  So Georgia remains only one of three states to limit in some way the sale of alcohol on Sunday. 

The new law would have allowed local communities to decide if they wanted retail sales on Sunday.  If the town did not want it, so be it.  But if a city or town did want to allow the Sunday Retail sale of Alcohol, they could have. 

But not in Georgia, not this year.  The matter set in a committee and now like most of the hot issues, it's dead for another year. 

Way to go, elected Senators and Representatives.  You have learned the old committee side step very well.   If you don't want to vote on any thing, maybe you should learn another dance step.  That is, step aside, and let someone else with the guts to vote, go to Atlanta.