ViewPoint: City's expectations unrealistic

March 30, 2007

The city now says it wants a contract with Albany Tomorrow, called ATI. They most certainly do not.

The city commission is going thru the motions of a contract that can not be fulfilled as it is written.

An example is ATI must develop nine new businesses downtown each year. Then they will not approve an entertainment district for bars and restaurants, so key to growth of our convention business. Totally Ridiculous!

If this is such a good idea, why didn't we hire the new Civic Center director with the same contract? Nine new major events each year, or you're fired?

How about a new City Commissioner contract, nine new businesses in East Albany or South Albany, or you will be replaced?

No qualified candidate will apply for the job as Downtown Manager with only a quarterly contract.

Commissioners have such a short memory about the successful projects completed by ATI:

The Flint River Center, The DHR building, The Riverfront Recourse center, The Law Enforcement Center, River Front Park, The Hotel Conference Center, Central Square Office, the residences at Ashley Riverside, The First Tee Golf complex...

And the many soon to be completed projects:

The Albany Civil Rights Museum, Thronateeska Science Discovery center, The Bridge House Welcome Center, Ray Charles Plaza, The north Trails system, and the Chehaw Connector.

Are we even having this discussion?

The last time your government built a building downtown, it was the Federal Courthouse, do we remember that, after countless problems and delays, it was finished 3 ½ years late, and just ask anyone how works there, how poorly handled the entire project was...

It should be Businessmen and business sense driving this city, not politicians...