Tree damage tops $10M

March 16, 2007

Americus -- Hundreds of thousands of trees were twisted, damaged, or uprooted during the March first storms. Now that damage across South Georgia is estimated at a $10.3 million  loss.

150-year-old pines and hardwoods once upright now litter the landscape.  In Americus, where pines once blocked the view downtown, now you can see the Windsor hotel.  The damage in the city of Americus alone is estimated at three million dollars. 

Foresters have viewed the damages from the air and once the clean up is complete encourage land and homeowners to replant.

"We encourage the homeowners to call us and ask us about what species to plant, some species grow better in other areas and we'll be glad to come out and meet with the land or homeowner and help them make those decisions," said Chad Pritchett, Americus District Forester.

The forestry commission is also offering homeowners guidance on harvesting older trees that were damaged in the storm.

More info on the web at the Georgia Forestry Commission website