Tornado spares SRH chapel

March 15, 2007

Americus --  Sumter Regional Hospital officials still aren't sure whether the hospital is structurally sound or not, but they do know their chapel may have been touched by the hand of God.

Just about every window in the hospital exploded in the force of the storm. The buildings Atrium had chairs and debris thrown through the glass, but just feet away, the chapel's stain glass windows were untouched.

It was Hospital CEO David Seagraves' wife who found the chapel virtually untouched.

"I opened the door and said the chapel's fine, and so it was unreal, and just the bible was still open, the candles were sitting there and the cross and nothing is messed up except it had water on the floor and a lot of dust," said Margo Seagraves, an American Red Cross Volunteer.

Recently someone found hospital files as far north as Houston County.