Debris removal is job 1

March 13, 2007

Americus --  Americus and Sumter County have a big problem piling up on their streets.  Debris removal has become the number one task in the storm clean up effort and the county is urging everyone from homeowners to contractors to do their part in the cleanup, and not just put it on the city and county.    

On block after block in the storm ravaged sections of Americus, debris piles up.  As fast as the city and county haul it off, new piles appear.  Getting rid of what's been torn down so it can be rebuilt is the number one concern. "There's a lot of people calling, a lot of people you can't get to right away, but we're trying to get to the people who have holes in their roofs that can be fixed," said JWD Home Builders Owner David Theiss. 

 As contractors work and the clean up continues everyone is reminded to haul away what they can. "You know like the stuff that we get off of the roof that's broken and stuff we have to take away," said Theiss.

"Individuals who contract for contractors to remove or demolish a facility need to be sure that as part of that contract they are fully responsible for the removal of the debris from the site to an approved construction and demolition landfill," said Lynn Taylor, Sumter County Administrator.

The county is providing two locations as they try and shuffle the debris. "It can be taken to the transfer station provided by waste management here, and that's on McMathmill Road or it can be taken to Macon County landfill which is on Highway 49 North about four miles north of Montezuma," said Taylor.

Disposing of the debris will be costly for homeowners and the city and county who have decided to work together to get rid of the storm leftovers. "What we're in the process of getting approved today is a plan for contract services for large companies to be able to come in and take care of the large green debris," said Taylor.

While they're not sure what the clean up will cost they know that by working together, it can get done more efficiently so the reconstruction can begin. 

More than 100 contractors have registered with the city and county to perform work in Americus.  County officials recommend using only a registered contractor for work.