Dougherty commissioners continue to send help

 March 12, 2007

Albany -- Dougherty County Commissioners say they want to help neighboring counties hurt by the tornadoes, no matter what the cost.    

Since the tornadoes hit Sumter County, Dougherty County EMS has supplied an ambulance and crew for 24-hour assistance.

Public works has helped with cleanup of construction debris. Now commissioners say they'll help Baker County with clean-up and transfer that debris to the Dougherty County landfill.

County leaders hope to get reimbursement by GEMA and FEMA, but they say they're more concerned with helping those in need. "Money is not an obstacle when you're helping your neighbors. That's not the primary motive. The primary motive is to help our neighbors and that's what we'll be doing," said County Administrator Richard Crowdis.

Four dump trucks from Dougherty County public works were in Americus over the weekend helping with cleanup. Commissioners say they'll continue to send help as long as it's needed.