Mobile Pharmacy rolls into Americus

March 10, 2007

Americus -- People in need of prescriptions in Americus shouldn't worry anymore. A pharmacy on wheels rolled into town this week.

The Americus Winn-Dixie was destroyed last Thursday. For now the Winn Dixie pharmacy will run out of a single-wide trailer in the demolished store's parking lot.

It just opened this morning and runs just like an in-store pharmacy. You can get your prescriptions filled and current customers are still in the computer system for refills.

The Emergency Relief Mobile Pharmacy is guarded 24/7 by law enforcement.

"The main importance, more than anything else, is that we are here to serve our community and our customers to provide the best healthcare quality that we possibly can," said Winn Dixie Mobile Pharmacy Pharmacist in Charge Jack Tanner.

The same pharmacists and technicians from the Americus store will run the mobile pharmacy.

Hours are from 9 to 7 Monday through Friday. 9 to 6 Saturday. And 1 to 5 Sunday, until the new Winn Dixie is built.