Sumter Regional's temporary facility grows, while doctor moves home

March 9, 2007

Americus -- Across the street from the tornado damaged hospital, the emergency medical facility is now delivering babies and treating other injuries.
They are also providing outpatient radiology, lab, and blood tests.

"Each day we are able to be a little more organized and provide smoother service.  And you can tell the area around here is a little cleaner and more organized," said Susie Fussell, VP Chief Nursing Officer.

A metal fence now surrounds the battered Sumter Regional Medical center to keep out those curious to see the damage.

Dr. Buck Davis' office was on the third floor of the Hospital just above the emergency entrance, but the surgeon is now practicing from his house. 

Davis had his ultra sound equipment moved to his garage and he's seeing patients at his home on South Lee Street.  He's conducting surgery at Palmyra Medical Centers in Albany. 

"People are still going to get appendicitis, they are still going to have gall bladder attacks and bowel obstructions. They are going to have to have those needs met, so we have got these things lined up so we can take care of them," said the doctor.

Dr. Davis says he will continue to work out of his home and Albany Surgical for now, until he finds new offices for his practice in Americus.