Stray dogs and cats no problem

March 9, 2007

Americus --  The Sumter County Humane Society said they expected to be hearing from lots of people about lost or missing pets after the storm, but have had almost no calls.

There were very few stray dogs or cats picked up in the damaged parts of Americus, even though emergency personnel were looking for them.  Only one special dog was found wandering the streets.

"One animal had been lost over the tornado area, and was found on this part of the city,"  said Sumter Humane Society Director Jackie Sellers. "It had traveled, but it was blind, so we don't know how it got there.  But we have not had a lot of people calling losing their animals."

Sellers said the blind dog was found on Church Street, miles from his home near Highway 49.  They returned him home the next day.