Woman won't leave damaged home

March 8, 2007

Americus -- Despite a tree through her attic and several days without power, at least one Americus woman refused to leave her badly damaged home.

One entire side of Rosa Delapaz's home is wrapped in plastic, where a tree punched a hole in the attic.  A pile of debris has been removed from the family's back yard.  Habitat for Humanity, who built the home 12 years ago, offered to put Rosa up in a rental property until the home can be fixed, but she's refused. 

"I don't know, I love my house, my children grew up here, all my grand children too and I have my paintings here, I've painted the walls, I painted roses so, I painted my doors, I love my house," she said.

The East Church Street home has broken windows and a cracked foundation.  Rosa said she maybe forced to move out temporarily while the repairs are being made.