Dekalb County sends help

March 8, 2007

Americus  -- When Americus and Sumter County put out the call for help, DeKalb County officials answered, making the trip south with a convoy of heavy machinery.

Dekalb County CEO Vernon Jones brought nine men and three grappler trucks along with three dump trucks to help Americus and Sumter County clean up debris.  Wednesday alone the crews make more than 37 trips to the county's landfill hauling debris. 

"When I talked with the city manager she said 'you know we need dump trucks , we're totally plagued by debris, we need to get it to our landfills,' so it was like another regiment coming in with a convoy of dump trucks and we've been able to already make a big dent," said  Jones.

The crews arrived Wednesday and will stay through the weekend.  Jones said the crews are also looking at what they may be able to do to help Baker County as well.