Some Worth county communities hit hard

March 7, 2007

Worth County - - Families in Worth County are trying to deal with tornado devastation.  Three dozen homes there were hit Thursday night. Fourteen of them demolished. 

In Sumner, pieces of Morgan Shupe's home are still blowing in the wind.

"That pile of metal right there was way across the street, my son's bathtub was way over there, our bathtub was in a field way out there on 82."

Clothes are piled up in the yard. And their home isn't where it once stood on Sumner Lakes Road.

Shupe wasn't able to salvage a thing. She returned to her old home looking for mementos.

"Figured I would come and look for the video camera because it has a tape with our kids on it but I don't see it."

Damage like this spread through the county.

In Worth County, crews are hard at work. A home once stood off Evergreen Road. Its pieces were shattered in the pond. A total loss. But if you take a look at the scene now, you'd never know a home even existed.

"I'm calm because I'm blessed. We're truly blessed to get out of there," says Amaryllis Cooper.

Her parents' home, also in the Evergreen community, is destroyed too. It's where her and her children gathered the night of the storm.

"It was coming from this way and when the wind came it blew wind, all of the windows were coming in and there was a pile up. I was on top of the pile. I have a two year old and when the roof came off that wind was lifting me. We were in it, that wind was so strong."

She made it out alive and so did everyone else in Worth County.

Shupe feels she did because her family went to a local church when she heard the storm was coming.

"I thank God that I made that decision. That we did not decide to go in the bathtub because that bathtub was over there."

The only thing that remains is the children's swing set. 

In all, 38 homes in Worth County were hit by the same tornado that devastated Baker and Mitchell Counties. Luckily, no one there was seriously injured or killed.