More Alabama debris found in Georgia

by Semone Doughton

Stewart County --  Last week, we saw the canceled check from Enterprise, Alabama found by a farmer near Plains.

Now Don Otto has discovered something unusual in a wooded area of Lumpkin, where he found a political sign on the ground.

From a distance, it looks like any sign you'd see in someone's yard during campaign season, but when you look closer, this sign came from Enterprise, Alabama nearly 100 miles away.

"Did it ever cross your mind that it was 115 to 120 miles away? That's what was so amazing about it, was how far it came."

Otto also found this picture of a baby near the sign. Could it have come from Enterprise as well? Considering how far the sign traveled, it's possible.

For the residents of this small Georgia town this is quite a find.

We we finally caught up to some items with Don Otto's wife Denise at her job in Preston. "I was very shocked when he called me on the phone," she said. "He said 'you're not going to believe what I found.' I was amazed."

The photo also traveled to the Otto's daughter's school for show and tell.