Americus Emergency Center hard at work

March 7, 2007

Americus -- Sumter Regional Hospital's temporary emergency center is now open and has been receiving patients since last night.

The portable emergency room facility is actually several temporary buildings, and a blow up air structure, located in the parking lot across from the main hospital building that suffered heavy damage in Thursday's tornado.

All the new building lacked yesterday afternoon was the power being turned on. They have a full emergency room set-up, including facilities to deliver a baby if necessary. They have beds for 50 patients, labs and X-Ray equipment.

They also say the medical facility should begin outpatient services by the end of the week. Besides the hospital, many Doctors in Americus lost their offices in the deadly tornado, but none have said they are leaving town because of the damage.

"The community has come together and we are finding places for them. They may not be exactly convenient at the time, but as a temporary measure we can handle it," said Dr. Wallace Mays.

Dr. Mays practice on the third floor of the Hospital building was destroyed. He has moved in with other Doctors at Americus OB/GYN on South Lee Street.