Fire station felt the tornado approach

March 5, 2007

Americus -- One of the first calls for help we heard last Thursday night was from the firefighters at Station Number 3 on Highway 49 north in Americus.

There were about a dozen firefighters and E.M.T.'s at Station Three when the tornado slammed into their building.

"You could feel the pressure go negative, the hair on your arm stood up," said Battalion Chief Paul Toms.  "The ceiling on the back of the station fell out, where the building kind of imploded.  Then it went back to normal. We were all scared, no doubt about it."

None of the firefighters was injured, but their trucks and equipment were blocked in the station by falling trees. They had to wait for trucks from other fire stations to come pull those trees out of the driveway before they could get out and start helping others.