Mitchell County sorts through mess

March 3, 2007

Mitchell County - - Mitchell County sustained considerable damage this week. One family is re-building after the storm tore the roof from their home. 

Wayne Cleveland says he and his wife were lying in bed when the tornado hit. Three minutes later, their roof was knocked off, windows shattered, and pieces of their home scattered throughout the yard.

They are one of 60 families in Mitchell County damaged by the storm. Cleveland remembers the moment.  

"It was raining earlier and when we went to bed it was pretty start. Then at 12:30 it started raining, it sounded like rain hitting the window. Then we started hearing a loud noise about 12:35 and then the window on this side of the house collapsed and went across and by that time we heard the roof blow off and heard something hit the top of the house," he says.

He's replaced the torn roof with a blue tarp to keep dry. Cleveland's wife didn't get any sleep last night. She says she still hears the sound of a train in her head, reminding her of when the storm hit.  

The scene was just as bad for many families living in manufactured homes on StageCoach road in North Mitchell County.

One family's rear bedroom is completely open. Neighbors have some of the same problems with trees on top of roofs and debris spread through yards.

Baconton Volunteer Fire Department canvassed the neighborhood offering assistance to families and signing people up to get help cleaning up the rubble.  

"It's unbelievable until it hits right here at home you just don't know. To see it with your own eyes, its devastating," says Captain Billy Beck of the Baconton Volunteer Fire Department.

The department joined the Red Cross in providing water and food to people affected. About 35 Baconton homes were hit.