Baker County pulls through

March 3, 2007

Baker County - - Six people in Baker County died as a result of Thursday's violent tornado. Residents there are coming together to get their community through. 

In Baker, remnants of the storm are still very visible. The trailer of a semi lays in an open field full of clipped trees. We found one family picking up pictures and other sentimental items that blew away with the wind.

State Representative Winfred Dukes greeted them and thanked the community for lending a hand to tornado victims.  

"We want people to know that all of the resources of the state government are here at their disposal. We understand the devastation that has happened here but we are truly committed to see if we can help them get their lives in order," Dukes says.

The storm completely destroyed St. Matthew's Baptist Church. Members are cleaning up the mess the tornado caused. They say the same faith that helped them build the church will help them re-build. 

"We'll be up today and we down tomorrow but we don't need to stay down because God has us in his hands and he is able," says Deacon James Broadway.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church agreed to let St. Matthews members use its building while they get things together.

Broadway says he wants the community to pray for his church.