Some Worth County families hit hard

March 3, 2007

Worth County - - The story of clean-up and relief continues for South Georgians hit by this week's heavy storm. All over the area, families and friends joined together to pick up the pieces of lives totally changed by the fierce tornado, including those in Worth County.

By all means, Hattie Clay is a survivor.

"I saw it flip and I was like Lord Jesus."

Her Worth County Home gutted. Unrepairable and unlivable.

Clay was home asleep when the tornado hit. She's just thankful she's still alive.

A few years ago a fire destroyed her home, this week she re-lives tragedy.

Her neighbors Larry and Diane Clark also got a huge hit. The tornado blew them to the ground.

"This is probably the worst thing that has happened to me," Diane Clark says.

It knocked off bricks, their roof and memories. Wind blew their cars across the yard. Their sons search for valuables.

REPORTER: "Do you fear that you've lost most of your important possessions."

CLARK: "What's really important is my husband right there, that's the only thing that's really important. My husband and me."

Love of family gives them hope for a new beginning.

Hattie Clay is praying she wont experience this or anything like it soon.

"A disaster. It's just, you don't want to go through this."

Because you'll have to pick up the pieces and start all over again. Both of those families say they have relatives who live nearby. So they'll have a place to stay until they can re-build.