Sumner residents ravaged by storms

March 2, 2007

Albany -- A possible tornado tore through the small town of Sumner in Worth County. It ripped a mobile home from its foundation and blew the pieces into a neighbor's yard. Just another area devastated by a night of terrible twisters.

Faye Douglass knows there's a long cleanup ahead. Her roof was ripped from her home, and broken tree trunks took over her yard. She and her family didn't stick around last night for the storm, and her homecoming was an unpleasant surprise.

"When we got back all the debris, the house, and everything was damaged, and it was devastating," said Douglass.

The tornado tore through her neighbor's home across the street, leaving their home in her front yard. Through all the debris she notices a keepsake.

It's a old picture of her young neighbor Caleb Shupe at a birthday a few years ago. He's now six-years-old, and without his home.

"A tornado took my house, and it's over there," said Caleb Shupe.

Caleb is content with his dog Panda, and friends all around him, still too young to understand the tornado's terror. His father Michael Szykeruk says despite the costs of losing his family's home, he's gained something more.

"A bunch of folks come out, all my neighbors. I got to thank them because they came out and did a great job out here," said Michael Szykeruk.

"It's very devestating. It's very hurting to see something like that happen, but you know we have no control over it," said Douglass.

The people of Sumner Lakes Road come together after the storm, as they clean up and rebuild together.

The Worth County Chamber of Commerce is helping out storm victims. A disaster relief donations trailer is parked in front of the Chamber.

Needed items include hygene products, bottled water, chainsaws, wheel barrows, work gloves, heavy duty trash bags, hand sanitizer, and lawn care tools.

Monetary donations are also accepted, to help aid personal needs for affected families. You can contact the Worth County Chamber of Commerce at (229) 776-7718.