Farmer finds Alabama debris in Plains

March 2, 2007

Sumter County -- Did you wonder if those deadly storms that passed through Alabama made it all the way to South Georgia yesterday? Well, a retired Sumter County farmer found debris from Enterprise, Alabama, near his Plains farm.

Jack Short found a canceled check from Enterprise, Alabama, on Field Road near his home between Americus and Plains.

The check is dated 1970, from the Citizens Bank in Enterprise. It is for $3.88, made out from James Riley to the Southeast Alabama gas company. Short said he saw the check blow up during a driving rain storm about 5:00 Thursday afternoon. He thinks it came from one of the homes destroyed in yesterday's tornado in Enterprise.

"Undoubtedly it was in the house, and it blew the house away. And all this stuff came out of it. I don't know."

Short did not have any damage at his farm yesterday, but he says this shows how close those tornadoes came by.