Lamar,Forsythe Streets get a good slap

March 2, 2007
by Brooke Kelley

Americus -- People in Americus have spent the day in virtual shock- much of their small town has reduced to piles of rubble.  The area along Lamar street and Forsythe street was hit particularly hard.

A small town destroyed, windows blown out- roves missing - power lines down, and some of the businesses - you can't even tell what they used to be.

"We are just devastated." Lee Pinnell is one of the dozens of people who spent the afternoon assessing the damage. He owns Clinic Pharmacy - one of the few businesses actually open today. "People need their medicine and that it why we are here and we just wanted to straighten everything up and people just need their medicine."

People like Sandra Summerland. "I walked in here and these people are fantastic - they said we'll get you your medicine and they are just great."

But some businesses weren't so lucky, like one which used to be an insurance company - that's been here for 35 years.

Norma Baldwin's husband built the business. "It's just a life's work gone- blown away - its so devastating no one would have thought Americus would be hit like this."

But what's typical of a small town is the people pull together and help each other out. "It will be back- it will be back"

Even thought it looks like it will take a very long time - townspeople are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. "I didn't have to call the insurance agent, the agent came here, the electrician glass people, the support has been outstanding."