Two Webster families feel lucky

March 2, 2007  

Webster County --  Folks in Webster County are cleaning up damage from a tornado that stayed on the ground for miles. Sheriff Robbie Wells says the twister hit right on Highway 520 and pretty much stayed on the ground all the way into Sumter County. It's about eight miles from the touchdown site to the county line.

The Harris family surveyed damage and cleaned up damage on their property Friday. They got out of their home just minutes before the tornado roared through.   "I went to my brother's house in Dawson," Jennifer Harris said. "That's where we stayed until my husband tried to get back, and it took him about two hours to actually get to the house because the wreck had traffic blocked that way and this whole road was covered with trees."  

At least seven people in one other home were injured. Seven Members of Joe Smith's family and at least one of his neighbors were huddled together in the middle of this home.   Now the house is nothing but a pile of rubble.

The twister blew cars and trucks around and some ended up stacked on top of each other just a few feet from where those folks were holding on to each other. Emergency crews from Richland and Webster County rescued the family.  

"The worst injuries we had was right here where the tornado took out this was a block house," said Webster County Sheriff Robbie Wells. "There was seven or eight family members that we had to dig out last night and get them out and get them to the hospital."    

The sheriff says a couple of those folks remain hospitalized, but all of them are expected to be okay.