Georgia deaths reach nine, six in Baker Co.

March 2, 2007

Baker County --  Six of those people were killed when a tornado hit two mobile homes in Baker County. That storm injured at least two more people, and caused a great deal of destruction.

First responders from Baker County and several surrounding counties combed through the field off Drennon Circle, where two mobile homes were destroyed by a killer tornado about 11:45 Thursday night. Only twisted metal from the frames is left. At least two people were injured, and rescue workers used flashlights searching for other storm victims.

Baker County Sheriff Issac Anderson said, "We really don't know the whole details. We got six deaths that we confirm at this point, but we got to get back out at daylight and try to search through this destruction and see what we got."

The names of the storm victims have not released yet, but Sheriff Anderson said the six were members of two families that lived in the two destroyed homes, two were adult women, and at least one was a 12 year old child.

The tornado damaged at least one other home on Highway 37, and flattened the St. Matthew's Church, but not one was injured in those structures.

Baker County authorities said they will be able to better assess the damage after dawn, hoping they will find no more deaths caused by last night's tornado.

A shelter for storm victims was set up at the Thankful Baptist Church on Highway 91 in Baker County.