Winds rake Clay County, Fort Gaines

March 1, 2007

Ft. Gaines --  Clay County officials say the same system stormed through a one and a half mile stretch of Fort Gaines. It heavily damaged three neighborhoods, downed power lines, and sent trees crashing through rooftops.

Aluminum siding hung from power lines, tree trunks tore into homes, and debris left some streets impassible.

Officials say the storm struck Fort Gaines after four Thursday afternoon, bringing out public safety officials to help with cleanup. Most residents in the storm ravaged area heard the storm was coming, and left before it hit.

"All of a sudden the white clouds and the black clouds started mixing and I saw it come down, and I just turned around and left. About three minutes I turned around and it was over," said Shan Sellers.

But not without first leaving extensive damage in the Gopher Ridge Trailer Park, Pat-tall-uh Hide-away, and Credille Mill neighborhoods.

"Approximately a mile and a half swapped through and best we can tell at this point and time we've got about 60 residence damaged," said Clay County Sheriff Roger Shivers.

The storm damaged people's homes and left them without power. Crews were on the scene trying to repair the lines, a problem that may take up to two days to fix.

"I never seen anything like this thing. This is 15 times as big as anything I ever seen..."

"It's a scary situation. I ain't never want to do this again, that's for sure," said Shan Sellers.

A scary situation lasting only minutes in Fort Gaines, but leaving people with a long clean up ahead.