Emergency managers issue weather warning

March 1, 2007

Albany --  They say south Georgia could get slammed by some of the most dangerous weather we've seen in years.  

Dougherty County first responders are on alert and increasing manpower, ready to deal with damage that's likely to come from a huge storm system.  

As storm clouds gathered, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and National Weather Service held a conference call with local emergency managers throughout Georgia. They want you to get off the roads, and stay in your home.

"One of the things they have cautioned us about is that this storm could generate straight line winds that approach hurricane force. Well, if that happens, you don't want to be on the streets," said Albany Fire Chief James Carswell.

The storm system has spawned numerous tornadoes to our west and could do the same thing here.

Emergency managers encourage you to stay tuned to WALB. Listen to your weather radio if you have one, check your batteries in your flashlights, and make an emergency plan.

If the Dougherty County emergency sirens wail, that means we're under a thunderstorm warning.

If you hear the sirens alternate from high to low sounds, that's a tornado warning.

Either way, you should go inside immediately.

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