Synthetic and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

At AWC, we offer patients both synthetic and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves the replacement of synthetic hormones to menopausal women who suffer from symptoms including hot flushes, mood instability, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and depression.  Some 20 million women take some form of synthetic prescription HRT in pills, patches, or creams to combat their menopausal symptoms.  HRT has traditionally relied on the replacement of synthetic hormones manufactured and marketed by pharmaceutical companies to treat these symptoms.  Synthetic hormones are produced in the laboratory and are structurally different from those produced naturally by women.  Due to these structural differences, synthetic hormones are metabolized and excreted differently than those produced by a woman naturally.  Synthetic HRT is effective in the management of menopausal symptoms but long term use (more than 5 years) increases the patient's risk of stroke, blood clots, and breast cancer.  Benefits of HRT include a decreased risk of hip fracture and colorectal cancer.

Bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT) involves the replacement of estrogen and progestin that is physiologically identical to that produced by women.  BHRT is often effective at lower doses than synthetic HRT and many women prefer this more natural method of hormone replacement.  At AWC, we utilize salivary hormone testing in order to more accurately measure a patient's active hormone levels.  We are then able to customize the patient's BHRT depending on her unique hormone needs.

For more information regarding HRT, BHRT, or salivary hormone testing call AWC to schedule an appointment or look for one of our free seminars regarding hormone replacement and hormone imbalance.