AWC is now excited to offer mesotherapy as a method for body contouring and weight loss.  Dr. Sharon completed his training in mesotherapy at New Image Medical Aesthetic Center in Royston, GA in August of 2006.  He has now incorporated this new technique of body contouring into his practice with exciting results.

The practice of mesotherapy has its roots in the work of French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in the early 1950's.  The philosophy was simple, instead of giving large dosages of medication to the entire body by oral or intravenous route; mesotherapy involves injecting tiny amounts of medication or herbals just beneath the skin in an isolated area to achieve an effect.  "A little bit just in the right spot" is a common motto for Dr. Pistor.  In a way, mesotherapy combines the precision of surgery with the safety of low-dose medical treatment.  Historically, the first mesotherapists in France treated a wide variety of ailments: tendonitis, headaches, smoking cessation, hair loss, facial rejuvenation, neuralgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and lymphedema.  As mesotherapy spread in popularity, it went from a curiosity and an alternative therapy to burst into the mainstream of French medicine.  There is now worldwide experience of hundreds of thousands of treatments without any significant reports of serious complications.

In the 1990's, treatment of localized fat became a popular indication for mesotherapy treatments worldwide.  Mesotherapy agents including Phosphatidylcholine lyse fat cells and their by-products are consumed by an intense but temporary inflammatory infiltrate.  The treatment is effective for spot fat reduction in localized areas of the body that will not go away with adequate diet and exercise alone.  Common treatment areas include:  double chin and jowls, eye pads, upper arms, lateral arm pit folds, "love handles", hips, thighs, "saddlebags", and buttocks.  Mesotherapy can also aid in the reduction of cellulite.  Mesotherapy is comparable to liposuction but with such benefits as no surgery, no anesthesia, no down time, and a substantial reduction of cost for the patient.

Mesotherapy generally consists of 4-8 treatment sessions depending upon the area of concern.  Following treatment, patients are instructed to avoid sun exposure and massage and to follow a prescribed high protein/low fat diet.

Contraindications for mesotherapy include diabetes, HIV, untreated thyroid disease, liver disease, connective tissue disorders, pregnancy, severe hypertension, cardiac disease, renal disease, blood thinning medications, and keloid history.

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