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Women's Care

Caring for women of all ages is our specialty.  The practice of Gynecology includes the provision of preventative medical services as well as diagnostic practices to identify and treat the common female problems that patients experience throughout their life.

Preventative efforts include PAP screening, mammography, bone density testing, laboratory evaluation, and appropriate vaccinations for women in various stages of their adult life.  Despite these measures, we at AWC recognize that women continue to suffer a variety of problems as they age. 

At AWC, we specialize in the treatment of hormone imbalance, dysfuncational uterine bleeding, stress incontinence, infertility, weight gain, and menopausal management.  Office diagnostics include salivary hormone testing, 3- and 4-d ultrasound, urodynamics testing, hysteroscopy, and bone density testing.  We also take pride in our ability to offer the latest minimally invasive procedures (MIP) available.  We strive to be on the cutting edge and with this in mind, Dr. Sharon continues to actively pursue the latest training in surgical techniques and continuing education opportunities available.

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