About Azalea Women’s Center

At AWC, you can be assured of seeing the doctor at each of your visits.  This intimacy sets us apart from other providers in the community, and it is our belief that this continuity results in better healthcare and satisfaction for our patients.

In our office, we try to provide the highest standards of medical, surgical, and obstetrical care with compassion and understanding.  We look forward to a long and satisfying relationship.

As a GYN practice, we are concerned with maintaining your health and providing medical care to women throughout their adult life.  The practice of gynecology includes the provision of preventive medical services through regular examinations, annual pap smears, and other screening and management services such as bone density testing for osteoporosis.

We also perform urodynamic testing for urinary incontinence.  Other services we provide include: hormone pellet therapy, menopausal management, infertility, urogynecology, vaginal, and abdominal surgery.