ViewPoint: Move the Primary

February 27, 2007

In the last couple of presidential elections, many candidates all but ignored the Peach State. Republican lawmakers say that our state can attract more campaigners if the state's presidential primaries were earlier in the year.

They're considering moving the state's presidential primaries up a month from March 4th to February 5th, making those elections more meaningful.

Who says democrats and republicans can't agree on something?

This particular issue crosses party lines, and locals involved say moving the presidential primary to an earlier date will give Georgia more influence.

If the state can play a greater role in the presidential primary. We agree this is a good move.

House Majority Leader Jerry Keen, a sponsor of the measure filed last week, said it would move the 2008 primary from March 4th to February 5th in hopes of creating a "national primary day."

Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona and Utah are already planning primaries for February 5th.

California, New Jersey, & Illinois, are among other states looking at moving up to early February.

Keen says legislative leaders want Georgia "to be a player."

The current presidential lineup starts with the Iowa and Nevada caucuses, followed by the New Hampshire primary. Then candidates head to South Carolina.

Let's hope this earlier primary will give Georgia, more of a voice on which candidates end up vying for the Presidency.