ViewPoint: Get ready for neighbors

February 16, 2007

South Georgia has long trailed behind the exponential growth of Metro Atlanta. While Atlanta was busting at the seams, South Georgia communities were languishing, with little to no growth and some even losing population.

North Georgia is still struggling to get enough drinking water for all those folks.

But there's plenty of room here in South Georgia, and the secret is out. The people in Florida found out, we have plenty of elbow room, plenty of water, and the price is right. Many of them are moving here. It's a trend likely to continue.

So let's get ready south Georgia political leaders. Make sure your towns and counties have the right zoning regulations in place, and that you have proper water and sewer capacity. In simple terms, plan for growth. Let's welcome the folks who want to move here and enjoy the South Georgia we already love.

Sure we will have growing pains, but with proper planning, we can grow with grace and prosper.