ViewPoint: Buckle up in trucks

February 15, 2007

Georgia and Indiana have something in common. The two states and the only two states in the nation that allow a seat-belt exemption for adults in pickups. In the 48 other states you have to buckle up in cars and trucks.

Georgia has the opportunity to make Indiana the only state to have the exemption. There's a bill pending in Atlanta in the current General Assembly session to require the seatbelts for trucks. We urge the Legislature to change the law.

Senator Don Thomas from Dalton, a medical doctor, is right. It's a safety issue. Dr. Thomas says he has seen men and women with Catastrophic injuries because they were not wearing seatbelts.

If you agree with us, call your state representatives and senators and tell them to change the law. Or the bill could fall by the wayside, just like it did last year.