New Technology Leads the Way in Sterilization at the Veranda

Periods, Cramps, and Birth Control...every woman deals with her fair share. But at some point enough is enough.  If you have reached your breaking point, then Ob-Gyn Associates at the Veranda has the answer.  A new procedure, Essure, is the latest sterilization procedure for women and it is 99.8% effective. The most common sterilizations procedures like tubal ligation and vasectomy require incisions and anesthesia. But with Essure there are no incisions and none of the risks associated with general anesthetic.

This is how it works: During the Essure procedure micro inserts are placed in the fallopian tubes. Tissue grows around the inserts blocking the tubes and preventing pregnancy.  Your body will continue to produce eggs but since they will have no where to go they will be absorbed by the body.

Recovery time is key. In today's busy world women do not have time to lie in the bed for a week. They have to feed the kids, get to work, and keep everything running smoothly.  With the Essure procedure at Ob-Gyn Associates, they are out of the doctor's office in less than an hour and back to their normal routine by the next day.

"What I hear over and over again from my patients, is they want a better option than surgery or oral contraceptives. Essure is that option." says Dr. Steven Kitchen of Ob-Gyn Associates at the Veranda.

This new technology holds the key to a better life for women who have finished having children but must still rely on some method of birth control to prevent pregnancy. With birth control sometimes the risks have you sticking with the status quo. The idea of dosing up on extra hormones or surgery is not the solution for you.  But Essure offers you the peace of mind you need when choosing a sterilization procedure.

For more information contact Ob-Gyn Associates at the Veranda located on Meredyth Drive at 883-7010.