Marines salute MLK

January 11, 2007

Dougherty County -- Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was honored with a Memorial Service at Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base. Civilian workers at the base and Marines were challenged to make the King Holiday more than just a day off work.

In song and by repeating his words, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was honored at the Marine Corps Logistics Base Chapel. 

A standing room only crowd gathered to honor Dr. King. Judge Willie Lockette challenged the audience to celebrate the national King holiday by making it a day on.  "It's a project that we continue to work on. And if we continue to work together we will achieve it. We shall overcome."

Base Commander Colonel Christian Haliday said it's important for America to honor Dr. King. "It's an annual occasion for us to remember and rededicate ourselves to the quest that Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was on."

The Memorial Service concluded with people in the community of all colors, faiths, and backgrounds, cheering and then shaking hands.  The kind of celebration that Dr. King dreamed of.

Monday the 15th is a national holiday, and most of the workers at Albany's Marine Base will have the day off.  The challenge has been made for them to use that day to honor Dr. King's memory.