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Mortgage FAQ's

Q: I'm self employed and make a decent living but not all my money is reflected in my tax returns - can I get a Mortgage?
With a variety of loan programs available including 'no documentation' loans, you need to talk with a mortgage loan officer to determine if you can qualify for a mortgage loan.

Q: If  I am behind on my house payments what can I do?
The first thing you must do is keep an open line of communication with your mortgage company. Call the mortgage company and speak with the Customer Service Representative. Tell them of your plan to pay. And when you will send them the money. And make sure you do what you said you will do in the time window you said you will respond.

Q: What happens if I make arrangements to pay my late house payments and I still do not have the money?
Remember you must keep the line of communication open with the mortgage company. Call them before the due date of arranged time for them to receive the payment. This type of action will appear to them that you want to work toward keeping your home. Communicate to them WHY you do not have the money. Ask them what other alternatives are available to you under these circumstances.

Q: I am facing Foreclosure what do I do now?
In this situation, "Timing Is Of The Essence". First of all, how many months are you behind? Have you talked with the mortgage company? Did they work out a Forbearance Plan with you? What have you done to help yourself?

Q: What is a Forbearance Plan?
A Forbearance Plan is designed to bring payments current over a period of time by paying a full payment each month, plus a partial payment on the delinquent amount. An initial downpayment is required. Most lenders have a forbearance program. However, you must be deligent in requesting forbearance even if it means speaking with a manager with authority to approve the plan. Request  that the approval be sent to you in writing.                 

Q: Help, I am behind on my mortgage can't make no financial arrangement. I am broke, What can I do?
Call your favorite RealtorĀ®, and set up a private consultation to discuss how the Short Sale Loss Mitigation program may help you avoid Foreclosure/Bankruptcy.

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