For the Buyer: Why Use a Realtor®?

You want guidance in determining how much house you can afford to buy and then quickly finding houses that meet your price range and other important aspects in your future home. Buyer's find that Realtors® can expedite the home search because of their access to data on homes on the market.. If a property is listed for sale, regardless of whose sign is in the yard, your chosen Realtor® can provide information and show you the property.

Realtors® have expertise in negotiating a Sales Contract. The contract is a very important document as it defines who is paying, what they are paying, and when it will be paid. There are many details to negotiate, when will you close on the purchase? When will you take possession of the property? Are there any repairs necessary? What about a Home Inspection? Working as a Buyer's Agent, a Realtor® can help negotiate with properties for sale by owner as well as providing up to date information on houses listed for sale. Good buys on houses will often be sold before they are advertised in local media so a Realtor® working for you can mean the difference in finding that good buy.

Residential Real Estate commissions are typically paid by the Seller, so as a Buyer, it makes sense to choose a Realtor® to help you through the buying process. Realtors® also have experience with home inspectors and lenders and operating as your agent, can offer advice in these important areas of a home purchase.

Q: Why should I hire a home inspector?  Doesn't the Mortgage company have the home inspected?
No. The mortgage company will require an appraisal of the property but the appraiser does not do an inspection. The home inspection is up to the Buyer. FHA and VA loans do require some inspection of the appraiser but this is no substitute for a private home inspection report. Your Realtor®  will be sure there is an inspection clause in your contract and will help you contact a home inspector.