For the Seller: Why Use a Realtor®?

Seller's in 2005 (from the National Association of Realtor's Survey) found the average homeowner may sell three or four homes in his or her lifetime while Realtors® can sell hundreds over the course of a career. This experience is invaluable, and it's part of the reason why home sellers who use a real estate professional can expect to sell their homes for 16% more, on average, than sellers who try to do it themselves. With a typical residential listing commission of 6%, that means an average of 10% more for the Seller.

As a Seller, you need to be able to establish a fair market price for your home. Realtors® have access to this information and can provide a free market analysis to help you price your home to sell.

Realtors® can also make suggestions based on the experience of many house sales to help your home bring top dollar from potential Buyers.

When selling your home, marketing you home to bring it to potential Buyer's attention is critical. Realtors® typically have contracts for advertising with local newspapers, Internet advertising, and advertising through "Real Estate Books". Realtors® have professional yard signs and will advertise to other Realtors® through a Multiple Listing Service.

Q: My house is appraised for taxes at $$$$, can't I just sell it for that amount?
Tax assessments are based on large areas and on averages and do not always reflect true market values for property. You should have a market analysis by a Realtor®  looking at recent sales for properties similar to yours. You should also look at what is currently on the market for sale similar to your home to determine a sales price.

Q: I recently refinanced my mortgage and have decided to sell my home. Can I just use that appraisal to sell my home?
Appraisals are ordered by lenders to help them determine their risk in making you a loan.  On a refinance loan, the lender knows there is usually a good  chance you will be staying in the home and often appraisals for a refinance are on the high end of what the home would sell for on the open market. You should have a market analysis by your favorite Realtor® to help you determine a fair market price to sell your home for top dollar.