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Why Pre-Plan your funeral?

The subject of pre-planning funerals seldom comes up at dinner parties or other social events.  Yet, it can be one of the most important topics for you to consider, one that could be the answer to many of the problems you are faced with right now. 


In fact, many doctors, attorneys, pastors, senior citizen's advocacy groups, and good old common sense agree-- making decisions early concerning your funeral plans not only gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your arrangements are taken care of, but also relieves that burden from your loved ones.


Most of us would never dream of being a burden to each other, our children, or anyone else, for that matter.  Yet, all too often, when death occurs without thought or preparation, it does leave a tremendous burden on our families. 


Making our funeral plans ahead of time does three very important things for us: 
1) it relieves our loved ones from having to make any of the decisions necessary during this burdensome time of personal loss and grief.
2) It allows your funeral to be conducted according to your wishes. 
3) It eliminates any family differences about what you may have wanted. 


That way one child will not come in and say, "I think mama would have wanted her funeral to be like this", while another may say, "No, I think we ought to do the funeral this way."  By writing your wishes down, it eliminates all those problems.


When someone dies, three things must be done. 
Someone must give the vital statistics and historical information (this can be done with our Planned Transitions Portfolio ahead of time). 
Someone must select arrangements and pay for the funeral services (this can be done with our Planned Transitions Pre-pay Plan). 
Someone must select and pay for the final resting place (this can be done through your chosen cemetery, and our counselors can help you with that, as well).


Unfortunately, many people wait until death occurs before ever thinking about funeral arrangements.  On what as to be the worst day in a person's life, they come to the funeral home to discover that they are completely unprepared to make the 50-60 decisions that must be made.  Probably the hardest decision that has to be made comes when the family has to go into the selection room, where 30-40 caskets are on display and pick out a suitable casket.  That is when reality hits.  Your loved one is not coming back.  Then, there is that thing called cost that must be considered.


Frankly, coming into the funeral home unprepared, most families get into emotional over-spending. They begin to buy with their heart-- not with their heads.  By planning ahead, your family will not be faced with theses decisions, or the financial burden that comes along with it.


Many people plan to pay for their funerals one of three ways.  They will use savings, which depletes the surviving spouse's ability to use that money later.  They plan to use life insurance proceeds, again diluting the very reason we buy life insurance; to leave to our loved one's for their security when we are gone.  Or, they expect their family and friends to contribute to the cost through charitable contributions.  All of these methods of funeral payment have inherent problems, leaving more burdens than answers.


Today, the average cost of an adult funeral is between $5,000 and $7,000 dollars, not counting the cost of the cemetery property.  The wrong way to face these costs is by compelling family and friends to make major business transactions while they are burdened with grief...confused...faced with unusual expenditures, in unfamiliar circumstances, and presented with unfamiliar responsibilities. 


The right way is to plan ahead with each other now-- calmly and sensibly.


By making your funeral plans ahead of time, it is possible to accomplish five important objectives.

1) Make all the important decisions calmly and intelligently, during a time of peace, not leaving them to be made by your family during a time of grief.

2) Materially reduce the cost of your funeral, by locking in your costs and beating the effects of inflation.

3) Provide protection in case the need arises, before it is expected.

4) Protect your insurance and other assets, thereby providing for your survivors, and not having that money go to pay for funeral expenses.

5) Control the cost of your funeral.


At Hall and Hall Funeral Home, we want to help people through this difficult time in a family's life.  Our trained professional counselors can answer all your questions concerning pre-planning your funeral. 


Simply call us, and we will provide all the information you require without cost or obligation.


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