Nashville paper closes in on half-century

October 26, 2006

Nashville -- For 47 years, the people here in Nashville and Berrien County have gotten their news from the Berrien Press.  

The weekly newspaper is the embodiment of a family-run business. It was founded by S. T. Hamilton and Jamie Connell in 1959, and Hamilton's widow, Clarice Hamilton Gillard, who works at the paper to this day.

Her son-in-law, Donald Cole, is now the editor/publisher and most of the staffers are family members.    "During the week we go to meetings or meet with the sheriff or do some feature pieces on local people such as our retired probate judge, Johnny Pat Webb, who just celebrated his 90th birthday," said Debbie Cole, Assistant Editor. "And that'll be a nice little piece."

The Berrien Press has a circulation of about 4,500 and is a subscription and over-the-counter paper. While the newspaper offices are right here in downtown Nashville, on East McPherson Street, the paper is actually printed a few miles up the road at Pineland Press in Ocilla.